There are movies, and there are MOVIES

There are movies, and there are MOVIES. Seems the same, but it holds a lot of difference because while there are those that are created to entertain, not everything has the power to move a person and impact people’s lives. The latter is what has been attained by this movies as Portland-based song writer Josh Garrels and NYC arts collective Mason Jar Music go to Mayne Island B.C. to build a musical that would be of inspiration to music enthusiasts and artists alike.

In the age of digital era, everybody can be popular in a blink of an eye. With just the right amount of lighting, setting, and a little bit of creativity, once uploaded could get their careers going. Put it together with a glimpse of extravagance like a unique Albuquerque glass garage door that produces that aurora borealis like effect in the midst of Albuquerque, NM would already attract the attention of people.

Although it is a great improvement communication-wise, it doesn’t bodes well to film makers and artists alike. Sales for records and movies had significantly went south due to the availability of this product online. Artists and singers who have worked painstakingly on their careers have crumbled confidence wise. They were thrown off the loop due to these changes. They are left to their own devices to concoct a way to catapult their products to success.

While this is the mainstream observation, this movie aim to prove otherwise. The Sea in Between wants to prove that although the power structure has been significantly altered for improvement, we can adapt. We are in control. We can improve and be on top of this slight stumble. It means we could reinvent ourselves as artists and be stronger than ever. We need to establish a stronger tie between us and our audience.

This musical documentary film proved just that. In essence, it contains dozens of live performances we made for the love for our craft. It showcased the journey of each element’s career, up to this collaboration, and the challenges and rewards of being artists at this era. We hope to reintroduce ourselves to our followers out there – to make them a part of the process. Above all, we hope that this film would serve as an inspiration  for artists out there to not give up during their most darkest times. Instead, we encourage them to take this just a slight setback that would make them work more to achieve success. It is not easy, nothing ever is. But find your inspiration and start there.

For more information on how to be involves, check out our contact page on how you can reach us. Copies of the film, and soundtrack are available here in this site together with other movie and artists’ paraphernalia. Check out this page to get thorough information on this musical film. For schedules of tours for the movies, check out our online bulletin. We regularly update it to keep everybody updated. Check it out today!